Kashubian embroidery
Is one of the most important aspect of Kashubian art. It usually uses seven colours, with each colour having a special meaning. The

Linen clothes
Our clothing is made from 100% Polish high quality linen. It's natural, simple, comfortable to wear and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Hand embroided accessories
They will make your kitchen a very special place. You will also find linen cushions, bibs for babies and our beautiful teapot warmers.

Hand made linen dolls, each dressed in a unique hand embroided outfit, little angels and bells will make every child happy.

Wooden sculptures
This long tradition in Kashubian folk art goes back to XVI. It started with people making wooden figurines of saints and placing them along village roads. Some of the wooden sculptures in our Gallery have religious meaning while others show farmers at work.

Bone china
Your table will look amazing with our bone china from the region of Kashuby. Every item is designed with traditional patterns used in the area. Beautiful delicate blue flowers painted on white or cream look really special. We sell tea/coffee cups, plates, candle holders jags and more.

When you visit Gdansk, you take home not only souvenirs from the Baltic sea but also from Kashuby as Gdansk is part of Kashuby. The Kashubian folk art is one of the most beautifull you will find in Poland.


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